ThiEYE i60+ 4K 30fps Full HD WiFi Remote Control Action Camera 60M Waterproof Sports video Camera

ThiEYE i60+ 4K 30fps Full HD WiFi Remote Control Action Camera 60M Waterproof Sports video Camera


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ORIGINAL ThiEYE Wi-Fi Action Cam i60+ 4K is a compact, waterproof, wearable, and mountable camera. With great features of an ultra-wide-angle lens, built-in LCD, multiple capture modes, the i60+
are a perfect device for 4k high-resolution video and beautiful slow motion (only support
1080P 60fps and 720P 120fps). Moreover, the videos and photos can be easily edited and
shared on social media via APP with family and friends. The i60+ is a reliable companion
for outdoor sports, tourism, live shooting, and daily life recording.

  1. 4K High-Quality Videos
    No more worry about shooting in the movement. With the 4K high resolution, you can
    record stunning footage and great details
  2. 20MP Photos, Various Photo Modes
    Single shooting, Time-lapse photo, Self-timer, Photo burst
  3. Waterproof · Dustproof · Shockproof
    Equipped with a professional IP68 waterproof housing, the waterproof level of i60+ is
    up to 197 feet (60 meters)
  4. Ultra-Compact Design
    Handy for its weight is only 65g and the size is extremely small (L 59mm·W 41mm·D
  5. Built-in 2.0'' Display
    Easily set up the camera with the screen or preview and playback videos and photos
  6. Slow Motion
    Capture fast-moving action at 1080p 60fps / 720p 120fps for beautiful slow motion
  7. Time-Lapse Videos
    Form a changing scene by taking continuous photos at the interval of
    0.5/1/2/5/10/30/60s and you can create incredible videos
  8. Wrist Remote (Included)
    Simply press the button on the remote can drive your camera. 
  9. Zoom 4X
    Change the field of view with a 4X zoom, and you can adjust the settings of zoom
    even during the shooting
  10. Multiple Mounts, Many Use
    Compatible with all our mounts for attachment to the helmet, bike, backpacks, wrist, etc
  11. APP Control ,View & Edit & Share
    Connect your Android or iOS devices to the i60+ via ThiEYE App, then you can set
    up the camera and view, edit, share videos and photos easily.

4K Ultra HD Video
Capture the Action in More Detail

The i60+ achieves 4K 30 and 2.7K 30 video resolution, which brings you a picture that’s full of life and relives your memories in incredible quality. Featuring with the cutting-edge processor and professional OV image sensor, i60+ delivers improved image performance with sharpened images in real-time with rich color. Whether you’re having fun with your pets, hitting the road on a bike, or riding the wild surf, i60+ can shoot a steady movie because of its unique stabilization techniques.

Waterproof · Dustproof · Shockproof   
Ready for  Extreme Adventures

Equipped with a professional waterproof housing, i60+ supports IP68 waterproof level underwater as deep as 197 feet (60 meters). Meanwhile, the housing can protect the camera from dust and shock. You can enjoy themselves during diving, swimming, parkour, or surfing and do not need to worry about breaking the camera.

Small Recorder With Built-in Screen 
Release Your Infinite Creativity

Weighing only 65g and smaller than a matchbox, the i60+ is extremely portable compared to the traditional camera and SLR. Slip it into your pocket and take it everywhere, or mount it on the gear or your body to make a first-person video. With a built-in 2.0 inch LCD screen you can live view what you are shooting, change settings, and replay footage right on the camera.


Multiple Mounts, Many Use   
Hundreds of Capture Ways You Never Did

Simple mounts with creative ideas make great fun. ThiEYE releases various unique mounts for the i60+. Take the equipment you like. You can mount it on a table, wall, bicycle, and anywhere else, wear it or put it on their pets to shoot a first perspective video. Releasing the i60+ with a flight platform becomes more and more popular.
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