Dr. Martens Shoes Women and Men Boots UNISEX

Dr. Martens Shoes Women and Men Boots UNISEX


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To avoid size problem, please check the size guide before purchasing
The size of the high boots and the low boots are not the same. Please pay attention to the size chart. If you have any questions, please ask customer service.

Please do remember to choose the right size by measuring the foot length; Sept 1: Prepare a blank paper Sept 2: Place your foot on the blank paper Sept 3: Mark the end of your heel and the tip of your longest toe Sept 4: Measure the length with a ruler and find out the size at below chart Attention: 1) Please don't select shoe size as per your Euro/US/UK/RU/BR shoe size; 2) Please must choose the correct size according to your feet length; 3) Example: If your feet length is 25.5cm, you can choose US8; 4) Foot Length is not the Insole Length; 5) Foot Length 6) Insole length= Foot length+(0.5-1 cm) space.

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